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Image Gallery of John C Smith

I love the outdoors - the more remote the better. I also love photography and have been snapping away since I was a kid - a young kid! I guess I am primarily a landscape photographer, but have a passion for old trucks, nature, sea, rivers, mountains, etc. Am not so comfortable in or with groups or portrait work. I continue to struggle with the post-production side of this digital era, mainly due to time restraints, but I do strive to learn as best I can. I gained my APSNZ in ~2000 and FNPSNZ in 2011. I am now also a custom picture framer having qualified in 2008. This perfectly complements my photography and I have established a 'retirement' business "REFOCUSED", incorporating photography, custom picture framing, and adventure travel. I run an annual photo tour to Oman. My website is

Pukaki Sunset

Omani Sand

Hanmer Study


Decanter Bay

Bealey Spur

Lake Lyndon Bound

Bygone Bulldozing - Aikens

Entrapment - Arts Centre

Waimakariri at Dusk

Wanaka Dawn

South Westland Beach Study

New Brighton Pier

Window on Little River

Stairway to Heaven

Darth Vader

Evening Catch

Lake Kaniere Outlet

Jerome Jalopy

Angel of Rust