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Image Gallery of Dennis Pointer

My photographic journey began in the late 60,s when a friend lent me his Zenit b to use on holiday.After trying to understand F stops and Shutter speeds and light and dark this journey began.In the mid 80,s I joined a camera club to participate in competitions and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow photographers. We were involved in group outings to sport events carnivals,market days all helping each other in honing our skills in sports and street photography.I have used Canon cameras from A1 through T90.40d.and 7d for my sport photography and candid street. I changed my system to mirrorless 2 years ago using Fuji Pro 1 and now the XT1 shooting J pegs only.I achieved my LPSNZ in 2013 and now competing for AFIAP.It is an amazing journey that has no ending,everyday brings new challenges.A ,comment from the late Garry Winogrand "Great photography is on the edge of failure". When you join a club do not take criticism of an image as personnel,it is only one persons viewpoint.

young love captured

we dont talk anymore

crowded out

down and out

leader of the pack

ransley riley

a street busker

up and over

lazy afternoon

hitting high notes

inside line

a stallholder

in the lead

street life

artist in residence

a lock keepers cottage

hanging out

the exebition

no turning back

mix and match