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Image Gallery of Ron Parry

My interest in photography began at High School and my first camera was the inimitable Box Brownie that the family had for years and years and it was usually was taken out of its pristine box often only at Christmas time! It was loaded with an ‘expensive’ Kodak 120 film that limited my shooting to just 8 photos at a time or perhaps 16 if the shutters were folded down inside the camera to limit the photos to a much smaller size. It was exciting and challenging to explore double exposures (Bottled Ron); of course there were no colour films in that era but I could create a colour print simply by hand painting a mono print (Otago Boys’ High) - that was great fun and brought the photos to life! I set up my first dark room in the family ‘washhouse’ (the laundry!) and learnt the exhilarating art of developing and printing my own photos – it was so exciting waiting and watching the prints gradually come to life in the developer tray!! Photography certainly has changed since that era, now with wonderful cameras and the delight and enjoyment of being able to use the digital medium. It still very exciting though. Ron Parry APSNZ

Bottled Ron

Central Otago beauty



Gold digger

His Majesty

Ida Valley Frost

In a world of his own

I've got two dollars

Last cast

Monument Valley

Mt Cook and Hooker Valley

Otago Boys' High hand painted

Paying tribute

Pete's piercings

Purakanui Falls

Spaceship fleet

Streets of Shanghai

Sydney by night

Tete a Tete