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Image Gallery of David Lewis

Every Club deserves a Mad scientist. A currently one eyed colour blind Cantabrian photographer and pixel grinder. I originally got into photography when I joined the Marlborough Camera Club as it was a cheap and far more friendly way to learn photography from a range of different photographers rather than just one tutor doing a photography course and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I started with a old Mamiya MSX 1000 SLR and then in 2004, I purchased my first digital camera a Lumix FZ 20 which I've been using up until just recently..... ;-) I also do a lot of digital 3d work which includes modelling, texture making and mapping, composition, lighting rendering (taking the with pixels) as well as 2d vector illustration and have no aversion to using Photoshop. I completed a Bachelor of Design in 2010 in this area and in animation. Currently using a Sony A77 with various Tamron and Minolta lenses.