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Image Gallery of Anne Johns

My photographic journey began learning to “see” in Continuing Education classes at the University of Canterbury and quickly became a passion. Beginning in film with Nikon cameras I now enjoy the freedom that my Digital Nikon D300 allows me. I enjoy the challenge of “making an image” in camera and am particularly drawn to pattern, texture and abstract photography. Along with my husband Doug, I have been a member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ), the Christchurch Photographic Society (CPS) and the Nature Photographic Society of New Zealand (NPSNZ) for over twenty years and have enjoyed Photography with Pixels (PPNZ) since it’s inception. I greatly value the friendship, camaraderie and fun that these clubs have given us. Winter School, Workshops and Conventions have been inspirational and although challenged by the new “Digital Age” I hope to continue for many years yet.


Blue Beauty

Celebrating Autumn

Evening on the Lake

Flower Study

Forest Spirit

Glacial Moraine, Lake Tekapo

Ice Lace

Kaikoura Seal

Lindis Rosehip


New Regent Street

Passing the time

Reflection in Blue

Rhododendron Artistry

Roadside grasses

Rooster and Hen

The end of Autumn

The Penny Farthing Race

The Wine Tasting