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Image Gallery of Rob Dally

Rob Dally . LPSNZ Jan and I were foundation members of Pixels , putting in our $500 with others to kick the club off. It has been a great journey with a great bunch of people. My own photographic journey started at High School when I joined the Photography Club with my Dad's box Brownie . Dad was a keen photographer who graduated to 8mm movie when I was still at school. I have always loved the outdoors ,sport and travel , so photography has been a good adjunct .Since joining Pixels I have become more aware of how much I do not know about photography, and how much there is yet to learn . It is wonderful ! My latest gear includes a Canon 7D with 100 to 400 IS Tele Lens for my bird photography passion . I enjoy all genre and enjoy the challenge of getting "that special image " whatever or wherever it may be .

KA 942 at the crossing

Bridal Veil

Grey Warbler

$2 Thanks

Zig Zag

Village Of Mont St Michel

Shipwreck of S.S. Dicky

Chinese Scarf Dance

Copper Butterfly

Keyhole Cowboy

Nepalese Child

Crikey ! !

Parrot Lady

Church of The Good Shepherd


Cass 2

Cycle Action

Nesting Kotuku 2

White Faced Heron 2

Pororari River