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Image Gallery of Trish Brown

Passion, Perspective and the Privilege of meeting amazing, intelligent and creative people are words that best describe some of what I have gained from learning photography. It is a Journey that is always evolving and the special friends I have made through the last 17 years, have kept me going through life's ups and downs. Gaining my LPSNZ in 2002, APSNZ in 2006 and the PSNZ Service Award in 2010 have been real highlights too. The opportunity to explore parts of Australia, Africa and more recently the Sub-Antarctic Islands of NZ, have honed skills and makes me appreciate how very lucky we are to live in New Zealand.

Overwhelmed by Nature

Cortinarius rotundisporus

Autumn leaves


Bullers Mollymawk

Southern Royal Albatross Gamming


Lagoon at Dawn

Lake Pearson

Woodland Light

Old Fenceline

Namib Sand Dunes

She's Mine

1-Entoloma hochstetteri

2-Out of the Blue

Middle of Nowhere

4-Tram Lines


Nature's Pearls

Southern royal albatross