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Winter Warmer

Here is a little challenge for the winter

An opportunity to use your Photoshop and/or other software skills

Project starts June 8th and completes August 9th

Results will be available for viewing 31st August


The Challenge:

Create three different looks from one image

Whilst this is an individual project, we recommend you get together with some like minded friends and really play with your software.

There are two months to deliver the outcome so you have plenty of time to have some fun.  Go wild and test yourself.  Try something new - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What to upload -

When you have completed your project, you will upload one image containing -

One original image and three 'made over' images. The image does not have to work as a set.  This is a creative challenge.

Judging will be based on creativity originality and artistry

Sorry but the judging is not yet complete for this competition.

The close off date for this competition was 09 August 2015.

The results will be available from 31 August 2015. Please check back again after this date.