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Projects/Group Assignments

Groups generally comprise 2-3 photographers with one member being the overall coordinator and responsible for getting the team members together to work on their project.

Everyone will provide their share of images and be involved in the production of the image set submitted.

Projects offer many benefits:

  • Wherever you live, you can be involved.
  • It helps you meet other members whether it be online or locally
  • It keeps you active and interested in your photography by taking images on various subjects.
  • It challenges you to do something outside your comfort zone
  • It allows sharing of ideas and providing support and advice within the group towards preparing a great set of images for the final presentation of a set.
  • You will learn how to prepare sets of images for display and work to deadlines.

An adjudicator will be appointed to review all sets and select the best three sets of images. The top three sets will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.

Results will be announced online on the given date and at Club night which are the same dates.