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2018 Programme

We have an exciting programme ahead for 2018 with some great speakers for our club nights as well as a number of interesting field trips and workshops.

Click Here to Download a printable copy of the 2018 Programme.




Field Trips/Workshops


Date: Tuesday 23rd January

Topic: Creating Photobooks

Speaker: John C Smith

Closing Date: Wednesday 31st January

Topic: Open 1

Results Available: Tuesday 27th Feb

Date and Time: Friday 26th January, 6:30pm

Topic: Night Markets and Fire Spinning

Location: Cathedral Square, meet at the Chalice


Date: Tuesday 27th February

Topic: Horse Racing & Equine Photography

Speaker: Emily Morgan

Closing Date: Wednesday 28th February

Topic: Object - Cup

Results Available: Tuesday 27th March

Date and Time: Tuesday 6th February, 9:30am-3:30pm

Topic: NZ Sandcastle Competition

Location: New Brighton Beach


Date: Tuesday 27th March

Topic: Street Photography

Speaker: Ashok Kochar

Closing Date: Saturday 31st March

Topic: Open 2

Results Available: Tuesday 24th April

Date and Time: Wednesday 28th March, 10:00am (TBC)

Topic: Street Walk

Location: Bridge of Remembrance


Date: Tuesday 24th April

Topic: AGM + Member Presentations

Speaker: TBC

Closing Date: Monday 30th April

Topic: Street Photography

Results Available: Tuesday 22nd May

Date and Time: Saturday 21st April, 9:30am - 4:00pm

Topic: Portraits ($50pp)

Location: St James Park, Harewood


Date: Tuesday 22nd May

Topic: Creative

Speaker: Sally Mason

Closing Date: Thursday 31st May

Topic: Open 3

Results Available: Tuesday 26th June

Date and Time: Saturday 26th May, 9:00am

Topic: Birds/Wildlife/Nature

Location: Travis Wetlands


Date: Tuesday 26th June

Topic: Archiving Photographs

Speaker: Tim Jones

Closing Date: Saturday 30th June

Topic: Creative

Results Available: Tuesday 24th July

Date and Time: Saturday 20th June, 9:00am (TBC)

Topic: Flash/Strobes

Location: Palmers Chapel


Date: Tuesday 24th July

Topic: Transport/Automotive

Speaker: EJ Kim

Closing Date: Tuesday 31st July

Topic: Open 4

Results Available: Tuesday 28th August

Date and Time: Sunday 15th July, 9:00am

Topic: Landscapes, trains etc

Location: Weka Pass Railway


Date: Tuesday 28th August

Wigs on the Lawn - Rangiora Photographic Society

Closing Date: Friday 31st August

Topic: Automotive/Transport

Results Available: Tuesday 25th September

Date and Time:  Saturday 25th August, 10:00am

Topic: Transport

Location: Yaldhurst Car Museum ($10pp)


Date: Tuesday 25th September

Topic: Moody

Speaker: TBC

Closing Date: Sunday 30 September

Topic: Open 5

Results Available: Tuesday 23rd October

Date and Time: 28th-30th September

Topic: Pixels Weekend

Location: Flock Hill Station


Date: Tuesday 23rd October

Topic: ARA Students

Speaker: ARA Students

Closing Date: Wednesday 31st October

Topic: Moody

Results Available: Tuesday 27th November

Date and Time: Saturday 27th October, 5:30am

Topic: Sunrise and Surfers

Location: Sumner Beach


Date: Tuesday 27th November

Topic: House and Garden Photography

Speaker: Juliet?S

No Competition


Date and Time: Saturday November 24th, 9:00am

Topic: Flower Walk

Location: Botanic Gardens Bridge Carpark