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Our monthly competitions are a very good way to see how your photographic work is progressing.  We use a Salon style of judging, with members being able to enter up to three images in each competition.

We have 5 Open Competitions and 5 Set Subject Competitions during the year.  Each set subject will be accompanied by a definition which is displayed on the individual competition gallery page.

In addition, full information is also available under the 'close off' date on the EVENTS calendar on the website

Adjudicators are supplied with guidelines for judging each competition and will also receive the definitions for the Set Subjects, to assist in their judging.

Each competition has three adjudicators who assigns a score out of 9. These three scores are totalled to give a final score.

Guidelines for Judges Scoring.

1. What the picture communicates -the message (feelings, emotions and mood the picture conveys).  The WOW factor

At least 50% of the score should be weighted towards this factor

2. The content of the picture -  including the choice and control of lighting, what is included and excluded, background and foreground, exploitation of pattern or texture and overall composition
At least 30% of the score should be weighted towards this aspect

3. The technical aspects of the image -  including correct exposure, sharpness, handling of tonal ranges, appropriateness of choice between colour/black and white
At least 20% of the score should be weighted towards this aspect

The results will fall into the following categories:

  • Non acceptance (under 17 points)
  • Acceptance (17-22 points)
  • Honours (23+ points)

The three highest scoring images will be awarded, Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.

The closing date for each of the competitions is midnight on the last day of the month.

Results and scores for each competition will be available within the respective competition gallery.

For those who attend  a Club night, certificates will be issued following the announcement of the results. For anyone else, all certificates will be posted at the end of the competition year.

Throughout the year, points will be accumulated in the Open Competitions and at year end  the top three scorers will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

Jayne Champ is the competitions coordinator and is responsible for the running of each competition.

Images should be resized to 1920 wide x 1080 pixels high for entering into the competitions

Set Subject Competitions for 2017:

February - Photo Journalism

April - Macro

June - Portrait

August - Portrait

October -Architecture